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Why use Microfile Document Manager

Document imaging offers many advantages over paper-based filing systems. A good document management system can help businesses save money and increase efficiency.

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Questions and answers
Microfile XE has built-in functionalities for scanning original paper documents and converting them into common digital formats such as PDF, TIFF and JPEG. Before storing the digitized documents in designated server machines, you can create any number of index fields for fast searching and retrieval of the documents.

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Microfile XE documentation and downloads
Microfile XE is Windows compatible. Microfie Server components require Windows IIS web server to run.

The folder names below correspond to the folders on the Microfile XE Distribution CD. Click on the links to download the files to try out Microfile XE for free.

Microfile XE Server (ServerSetup folder): (4.6 MB)
XEServer.MSI.ZIP  for Windows COM+ (2.9 MB)

Microfile XE System Manager (SysMgrSetup folder): (6.2 MB)

Microfile XE Client (ClientSetup folder): (8.9 MB)

Documentation (Documentation folder): (475 KB)