Microfile XE Features

Web enabled
Documents can be accessed anytime from anywhere over the Internet or intranet.
Manages scanned document images and digital files.
Can store and manage millions of scanned images of paper documents and computer generated files such as MS Office files.
Document securityYou can define various permission classes to control access to your important documents. E.g. You can limit the access to invoices to accounting personnel only.
Audit trailYou can define which user actions to be audited so that you know who did what to which documents within a period of time.
Firewall support
Both server and client components of Microfile XE can run behind a firewall.
Multiple document repositoriesSupports multiple FTP and HTTP servers to store millions of documents, making the system highly scalable.
Customizable search indexesYou can easily define different document index fields for fast searching. You can use any language to display the label (display name) of any field. Field data type and data length can be user-defined.
Version control
Can track the version history of documents, such as legal contracts.
Document check-out and check-in control
Documents can be checked out for revision and checked back in as another version.
Mixed file formats in same document
A document may consist of a number of files in different formats. E.g. An insurance claim may have an image of a damage car, an image of the policy certificate and a MS Word report file.
Unlimited files/pages per documentSupports unlimited pages and files per document.
Off-line document viewingAllows you to search for one or more documents and save them locally for off-line viewing.
Document cross referenceDocuments of different types can cross-reference one another.
Document deliveryDocuments can be exported, printed, faxed or emailed.
Upload SchedulerAllows uploading documents at a scheduled time to avoid network traffic jams.
Remote scanningIt is a trend to scan documents where they are received or generated to save time and delivery cost. Microfile XE supports scanning documents at any location and storing the images in designated local or remote document repository.
Integrated image processingIntegrated image viewing & processing tools such as Zoom, Negative, Flip, Mirror, RGB Color Adjustment, Contrast & Brightness, Color Conversion, Resize, Rotate, Crop, etc.
Barcode recognitionExtremely fast and powerful barcode recognition technology allows multiple barcodes in any positions on the same page.
Image cleanupDespeckle feature can remove speckles and small dots from "dirty" documents.
Anti-aliasing (gray-scale viewing)Automatically smoothes B&W images to gray-scale for easier viewing.
Image compressionImages are automatically compressed to save storage space.