Microfile XE Subscription Plans

Maximum No. of
named users
Max No. of web guest users (Note 1)unlimitedunlimited
Unshared virtual server size (Note 2)50 GB120 GB
External document storage support (Note 3)
Max size of each document database (Note 4)10 GB10 GB
Max No. of document databaseslimited by storage space onlylimited by storage space only

Subscription fee (Note 5)

Note 1: You can let guest users access specific documents for read-only viewing using a browser.

Note 2: You will be allocated a secure virtual server for running Microfile XE exclusively. The Windows Server operating system and database engine take up about 20GB of the virtual server space.

Note 3: Document files and associated searchable data are stored on your virtual server. If needed, you can store document files on another Internet-accessible server to extend your storage capacity. You can also upgrade your Microfile XE plan to get higher capacity.

Note 4: In Microfile XE, a document database is a Microsoft SQL Server database that is used for storing searchable properties of your documents such as document date, document reference number, etc. You can custom define what document properties to include in the database to facilitate fast retrieval of documents, e.g., the invoice number and customer ID of an invoice.

Note 5: Prices are in US Dollar.

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